One of the things I realised that God has given to each one us that is free and precious is TIME. Everyone has it, even non christians. But somehow, because of the way we live our lives or because of the materialistic world that we’re living in, I often hear pple saying that “Time is money” . And I agree to that too at times. But is time really money ?? In fact, time is free and no amount of money can buy. Money is not free, one has to work for it unless someone gives u the money for free. But one cant work for  time. Everyone has 24hrs a day and no one can add to that by being hardworking. Anyway, what Im trying to say or has impressed upon me tonight is, time is God’s grace of saying that He loves us. He gives us time to find and know Him, He gives us time to love, he gives us time to forgive, he gives us time to heal, time to grow, time to learn from mistakes, time to play, time to laugh. So I’ve to remind myself that and I’m thankful for the time God has given to everyone of us.


Saturday Mornings

I thought it’s time for Rebecca to try and learn something new. So I went to Art Friend yesterday after work and bought about $70 bucks worth of arts and craft materials so that I can do it with her on Sat mornings.

This morning, I taught her painting 🙂 Rebecca is a very attentive girl and even though she is very excited with the paint colors and brushes, she sat on on her chair patiently and waited for my instructions. hehe.

Look, she’s all ready ! 🙂



As this is her first time painting, I’ve explained to her how to wash her brushes before adding a new color.

She has fun trying out the different types of brushes and colors that I’ve got her.

Milky waiting patiently to play with Rebecca, while she paints 🙂

Desmond just left for a business trip to Dubai this evening. So I’ve got the whole ibook to myself and I thought I should put up some of the pics taken of the recent holiday !

Day 1 – 3rd Aug 07

We arrived at Sydney airport early morning and rented a car to Desmond uncle’s place. We’re all eager to leave our luggage behind and get going. Des’s Aunty took us to the Fish Market for lunch. We had fresh oysters, prawns with lemon and fish and chips. The prawns are so sweet and fresh ! Not really a fan of oysters.. but nevertheless, I tried one.


Then Desmond took me to Mosmon, where he had spent his highschool years. He was really excited..sharing with me what he used to do after school. He showed me Mosmon high sch, the library and the shops nearby. But sadly the lolly shop that he used to buy lollies was no longer there. We had coffee at a nearby cafe before moving on to Cremorne Point, where he used to stay.


Cremorne Point is BEAUTIFUL. We managed to catch the sunset with amazing views of the harbour, including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge !!


Day 2 – 4th Aug 07

Woke up real early in the morning (6am SG time) for BIG breakfast at one of the cafes in Chatswood, within walking distance from his Uncle’s place. This is what we ate for BF almost everyday for the whole trip : 2 eggs on Toast with Bacon with a cup of Cappuccino 🙂


We shopped around Chatswood Chase after breakfast, walking through the shops that we were familar with, like Coles, Target, K-Mart, Lowes (where we got most of our last min ski wear), Pumpkin Patch etc..

We visited another Aunty of Des’s in the afternoon and had lunch at their place, somewhere abt an hour drive to the Blue Mountains. After lunch, we decided to take a drive up to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters, since we were pretty near. The drive up was quite scenic, the mountain views were magnificant, however, the 3 Sisters were pretty disappointing ! The wind was so strong and the weather was freezing,I could hardly keep my hands in the open for 1 min !


We went to a service at Hillsongs in the evening and visited Star City at night.

Day 3 – 5th Aug 07

After church in the morning, we went to Manly Beach. I love Manly.. it’s like Fremantle in Perth, very relaxed. Even though it was winter, it was sunny and many people were out with children, watching the pigeons while having their fish and chips and ice cream, and many were just lazing around lying on the beach, enjoying the sun.


In the evening, we took a Ferry from Mosman Bay to the Opera House. Walked around Opera House and took lots of pics.



A very much needed rest… I was on mc for these 2 days and I’m so glad to rest my tired body. Have not been feeling well for the whole month ! was down with flu and the flu bug doesn’t seem to go away completely. I was popping flu tablets like my daily dose of vit C !  I had consumed almost one and a half box of panado for flu tablets and then I just realised what I needed most is REST. And rest indeed for these 2 days, woke up at 10am, had breakfast, spent some time with kids, check emails, had lunch, sleep again from 2- 4, laze around with kids, had dinner, watch tv and sleep again 🙂 I feel ALOT better now and ready to go back to work tomorrow…so much work to do before the holiday..ahhhhhhhh ! 

meimei has finally turned ONE on the 14 Jun 07 :0) how time really flies ! The theme for her party is Winne the Pooh, I went abit crazy at the B’day party accessories shop at Raffles city. It has a wide variety of colorful  party accessories to help spice up any kids parties ! So from one item to the next, i pack them all in my shopping bag 🙂 Check them out in the pics ! I’m not too sure if meimei understand whats going on on her bday, but I believe the pics will be able to tell her when she is older.


Party packs full of goodies !
meimei taking a break.. she looks really contented with her bottle of milk 🙂
The adults having a go at the WII
4 hungry little pooh bears and The Giant Shrek ready to take a bite at Pearl’s beautiful cupcakes !
The kids having fun with the party packs !
cimg2461.jpg   cimg2435.jpg


It was a nice relaxing day for us. Woke up almost 12 pm ! Nothing was planned. I was disappointed that we did not manage to get away during this long weekend. I’ve tried Tioman, Redang, Langakawi and even Bintan, but EVERYWHERE is booked out !! so lesson learned – to book way in advance if you’re planning to go somewhere ESPECIALLY during the public holidays period. So adamant that we go somewhere soon, I’ve booked for our next holiday, which is in August during the national day weekend. Haha ! The Datai ! 🙂 anyone want to join us ?

Ok anyway, we met up with The Pans at PS cafe for tea.

The mummies


The Dads


The girls. I wonder if this place will still be around when they’re all grown up ?

Later we brought them all to the HUGE playground paradise at West Coast Park. Despite it has rained in the afternoon, there were still lots of kids there. And the kids have fun 🙂





Tired. Glad darling is back from India. He was away for the whole week and this time round he bought me a shawl, a dark shade of purple and gold 🙂 Was trying to book a short trip for the next weekend in Tioman, but the most of the resorts are fully booked sigh.. am trying my luck to see if we can get a flight to Redang. I LOVE crystal clear water by the beach, can’t get enough of it. Maldives is the best by far of all the beach resorts we’ve been to.  why can’t singapore have nice clear blue waters ? I will live here for life and not get tired of it. Was also trying to look for a place to hold kiersten’s coming 1 year old party, but it’s so expensive just to rent a place for its facilities ! I’ve checked out a few places and all cost more than 300 dollars and above ! why places in singapore have to be so expensive for simple fun ? good thing we’re able to use oly’s place 🙂 so that’s settled. we watched pirates of the caribbean tonight.. i love the individual characters in the movie but i got a bit lost in the story, too much going on, gets abit confusing. Will Turner is very handsome 😉 though.

mmm… time to sleep Zzzzzzzzzzz